Friday, 10 October 2014

Karl Barth on Love

"The one who genuinely loves is also a cheerful person, and the genuinely cheerful person is also one who loves....even when their love beats against a stone wall, recieving no answer, or only a more or less hostile answer....He or she does not love the other for the sake of their answer, but because he or she is made free to do so by God (IV/2 895=788-89)."

"We cannot insist too sharply that we do not love for any external reason...the one who loves does not want anything except to give themselves, to enter into relationship with the loved one. If they have any other plan or project- however noble- it means that their love is betrayed and ended (IV/2 894=788) people [are] signs of hope, comfort, and encouragement for many who are still unfree."

-Excerpted from "The Great Passion: An Introduction to Karl Barth's Theology", Eberhard Busch (language adjusted to remove gender bias).

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