Friday, 29 January 2016


"Any alleged humanity that is not, from the beginning, already co-humanity is inhumanity."

Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Reminder from Karl Barth

Nothing has happened to change the fact that Christians- even in the middle of their supposedly and perhaps even very consciously Christian environment- will always be strange and threatened creatures. No matter how much they may know themselves to be in solidarity with the world and behave as such, the way of Christians can never be the way of the world- least of all the way of a presumably Christianized world. From the standpoint of what moves within them, they will have to go their own way in matters both large and small, and therefore in what they think, say, and espouse, they will remain foreigners- who will often give occasion for others to take offence. They will appear to some as all too ascetic and to others as all too unconcerned affirmers of life- here as individualists, there as collectivists; here as believers in authority, there as free spirits; here as bourgeois and there as anarchists. They will seldom be found in the majority prevailing in their surroundings. In any case, they will not be going with the flow.”

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Wow! The Oldest Sermon Outside The New Testament. What does it say?

"Therefore, brothers and sisters, let us repent immediately.....For when they hear from us that God says, "It is nor credit to you that you love those who love you, but it is a credit to you if you love your enemies, and those who hate you," when they hear such things, they marvel at such extraordinary goodness. But when they see that we not only do not love those who hate us, but do not even love those who love us, they scornfully laugh at us, and the name (ie. God) is blasphemed."

This fragment from Second Clement doesn't need any commentary. Brother and sisters in Christ, let us love one another.