Sunday, 10 August 2014

Rev. Jacques Philippe on Holiness

For God, each person is absolutely unique. Holiness is not the realisation of a given model of perfection that is identical for everyone. It is the emergence of an absolutely unique reality that God alone knows, and that He alone brings to fruition. No individual knows what his own holiness consists of. Holiness is only revealed to us by degrees, as we journey on, and it is often something very different from what we imagine, so much so that the greatest obstacle on the path to holiness may be to cling too closely to the image we have of our own perfection. 

What God wants is always different, always disconcerting; but ultimately it is infinitely more beautiful , because only God is capable of creating totally unique masterpieces, while we humans can only imitate.

- Rev. Jacques Philippe, In The School of The Holy Spirit 

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